Thursday, 7 January 2010


when discussing with a pupil their performance and what has happened since the last session, unless you have plenty of time (and I mean plenty) then the real answer is hard to find.
It seems that driving the ball well is always a pupils indication of improvement " if I can get off the tee well then I score better" or " I hit my irons straight it's just my woods".
Then turn to the short game, and as a pupil rarely looses a ball or really misses a green with a chip then they deem themselves to have an ok short game " I can get by with my technique".

But when you get a pupil to input the data into a program designed to analiyse and track results
like Shot by Shot ( then they can see what really needs attention in their game relative to their h"cap not what they see or hear watching tour events.
Peter Saunders spent 15 yrs collating information from all levels of golfers and as a result can give a handicap to each part of their game......The results will change your pupils perception of what to work on for sure!.
I have been using the Shot by Shot license now for some months and as a coach you can log in whenever (night before session) and get the low-down on pupils performance before your sessions questioning begins and without wasting valuable time get to the real issues. Also your pupils can see their games development in the forms of graphs/block diagrams, that plot a path of improvement over time, this can show improvement even if the pupil cant see it from gameplay (often a big problem).
So get the pupils to stop trying to improve driver all the time and get them working effectively on what really makes a difference, as a coach regain control of what is pertinent to scoring issues.


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