Sunday, 18 October 2009


Three weeks ago I started training with three college golfers from Huntingdon Regional College(HRC),and I must say I am enjoying every minute of it!.
The golfers are aged 17-19 and are between 3 and 9 handicap. All show fantastic talent and ability,and are hoping over the next year to make a serious impact on their game and pass a level 3 b-tec qualification at the same time.
Three mornings a week are spent with me coaching them at the Cambridge Golf and Conference Centre ( ) and an afternoon is spent competeing in a qualifying medal at Brampton Park golf club , the rest of the week is spent in class the gym and studying at HRC for their l3 b-tec.
So far we have worked on some swing but mainly stability drills, but have focused on the pitching and chipping technique the most. In fact around 70% of our focus has been on this, learning games to help practice sessions and understanding impact factors and how to manage them to enhance turning three shots into two! from inside 100 yrds.

We began the process by holding a shortgame skills test on our purpose built shortgame area , and this gave the pupils a shortgame handicap for each section of their pitching,chipping and bunker abillity....
The results were less than impressive and we set about creating a more sound technique and how to create a fun practice session to encourage more of it . Two weeks later we took the tests again and I am pleased/proud to say the the results were excellent, I saw real talent beginning to develop and actions that would not be out of place at any tour event! ,needless to say the improvement was awesome and the shortgame handicaps were reduced considerably .
Since then two of the players have played in club competitions and after only three weeks in have lost half a shot each from their club handicaps, A good start and example of how it takes not just fullswing work to create an elite golfer, but a sharp shortgame,a way of measuring it and a fun way to develop it.

To learn more about the shortgame handicap or shortgame instruction, mail me :
it may just start saving you numerous shots around the golf course!

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